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We are a centre of our own Environment .
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In a caring environment we will achieve  our full potential.



The Mission of Gadaa Link Academy is to provide young girls and boys the opportunity to learn the Oromo langugae, culture, Art, physical education,Oromo way of living in western society and Information Technology while developing skills and social experiences which can take with them on their jorney through life.

Course description is group-centred . In a cooperative atmosphere teacher, children and parents can work together to develop each child’s talents, skills and abilities to the greatest possible extent.

Our Core Value:

  • Fair Education.

  • Enjoyment at all levels for all student at GL Academy.

  • Community and Family Orientation.

  • Professional development.


To provide students with the knowledge, Skills and values required to perform Oromo culture together with Australian culture to the local community.

The course structure is designed to ensure a balance between theory and practice and to provide classroom and community-based learning environment.

To Provide an education that is both meaningful and relevant to the child in a happy, secure and caring environment.

Ensure that each child is provided with the opportunities to be proficient in the skills outlined in the GL Academy Standards .


Programs are designed to extend children to their full potential through:
Thinking clearly, independently and critically.

  • Expressing themselves and communicating effectively in oral and written language in Afaan oromo and others.

  • Reading effectively with understanding.

  • Becoming confident and competent in the use of numerical thinking and language.

  • Using resources including Gadaa Cultural Heritage /Traditional and Information Technology to access and process information.

  • Achieving a balanced physical development and acquiring an understanding of biological and physical needs.

  • Developing and using imagination and creativity.

  • Developing independence and a capacity for self-discipline.

  • Developing the ability to work productively and cooperatively with Parent and with in the Community.

  • Acquiring an attitude of cooperation, mutual respect, understanding, tolerance and trust.

  • Developing a sense of identity, of personal and social needs and respect for people and property.

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